Sweet Pea Released March, 2013


Happy Holidays!

2013 has been a strange year, to be sure. There’s been some rough stuff to get through and big changes in our lives and the lives of many people we…

Jon Solomon of Westword reviews Sweet Pea (and other stuff)

We are looking forward to a busy summer promoting our new album. Jon Solomon over at Westword was kind enough to give Sweet Pea a listen and make some comments….

Sweet Pea Album Mastered and Printed!

Hey Everyone! We are super excited to announce that our 2nd album, “Sweet Pea” has been mastered and printed and is in our hands now. We will be announcing our…

Mixing is done. Mastering and printing in the works!

Hi Everyone! We have had some unexpected delays (“yeah, no kidding!” you say.) but we have finished the arduous process of editing and mixing and our next steps are some…

Welcome To Our New Site!

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